How often do we have the opportunity to experience something truly unique? In these times of fleeting happiness and temporary satisfaction, an encounter with an idea that is timeless is indeed something to cherish. We are proud to be the holders of just such an idea. Introducing its first expression, Et No 1, we feel compelled to reveal the secret that led to its birth – the concept of Et.

To understand the concept of Et, conventional frameworks must first be left behind. At its heart lies an idea that crosses innovative boundaries, harnessing desire, curiosity and in this case, the skill of the Master Blender and the Master Glass Maker. With Et No 1, their collaboration has led to the creation of one object – a fusion of two unique expressions of excellence. Spirit and Glass brought together

in timeless harmony. Creativity and craft breaking through traditional boundaries. A burning passion to explore new combinations of art and taste and unite these for discerning and demanding individuals. This is the concept of Et and it is our pleasure to present the exquisite collaboration that is Et No 1.