From the cellars of Maison Tiffon comes a harmony of blends aged for an average of 85 years but with infusions dating back to pre-Phylloxera 1870. Two Grande Champagnes dating 1974 and 1943 accompany a pre-Phylloxera eau-de-vie from around 1870. The result, Et No 1, is a celebration of the patience and delicate touch of the Master Blender.

The Cognac Maker

Cognac house Maison Tiffon was founded by Mederic Tiffon in the town of Jarnac in 1875. Through a twist of fate, the house was taken over by a Norwegian, Sverre Braastad and Cognac Tiffon is still run by Sverre’s descendants. From their vineyards in the cognac districts Grande Champagne and Fins Bois and distilleries in Jarnac and Chateau de Triac, Maison Tiffon continues to produce cognac of the highest quality to this day.

“Cognac is tradition and the family prefer to run the estate in the traditional manner.”