The making of Et No 1

Every step in the making of an Et No 1 involves the application of painstaking, loving craftsmanship. From the masterful carpentry that characterises the Swedish smoked oak case and protects the hand-blown vessel to the unique, limited edition cognac from Maison Tiffon – each element compliments the other two beautifully. Göran Wärff, creator of the Et no 1 vessel, is an iconic glass artist whose work is symbiotically associated with the Master Glassblowers of the Transjö Hytta foundry. Although it is one of the smallest foundries in Sweden´s `Crystal Kingdom´ it is acclaimed as one of the most advanced and experienced in the world. Indeed, two of its´expert craftsmen, Jan-Erik Ritzman and Sven-Åke Carlsson give lectures on the art of glassblowing all over the world and

many Transjö students and apprentices have gone on to become important names in the international art glass community. Master Blender at Chapters of Ampersand Folke Andersson combines his experience and skill with the heritage and tradition of Maison Tiffon and Master Blender Richard Braastad. This collaboration ensures that the three elements of Et no 1 blend are true rarities. Two Tiffon Grande Champagnes, one from 1974, the other from 1943 are crowned in the blend with an exquisite Tiffon cognac from around 1870. Individually signed and numbered, the 300 pieces of creativity we call Et no 1 are a once in a lifetime opportunity to experience the perfect union of art and taste.